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The Blog About a Year of Blogging

I’m not so great at the consistency in blogging thing. I have this habit of writing something and then deleting it or writing and forgetting to post or writing and making it private. And I’ve decided that I don’t like these habits, so this will be the year of honest blogging. Naturally. So you can […]

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Minus Forty, Let’s Be Friends

I am constantly blown away by the opportunities I’ve been blessed with, and this Alaskan/Yukon adventure is no exception!! I’m still in Anchorage for another day, then I’ll be heading to Fairbanks, where the fun really starts! Fairbanks had a six-year record low of being -60F over the weekend… but, people are reassuring me that […]

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Northern Ireland is such a beautiful place… Enjoy a few photos from a recent adventure in the Mourne Mountains; can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday!  

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(Copied from LiveLaugh blog.) Earlier this summer I heard about the idea of Microadventures – mini adventures that inspire you to take a break from the busy-ness of life and get out and cycle/walk/run/hike/swim/explore somewhere new. Because really, why not? As I am always a fan of new adventures, I found a fellow adventurous spirit […]

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A Disconnected Airport Ramble

Anytime I think a layover is going to be dreadfully long, I remember Frankfurt… Oh, Frankfurt airport times, you and your hysteria will be in my memories always. It’s strange, ever since then, any time I’m in an airport, I feel like I must be fiercely on the lookout for strategic sleeping/camping out places. In […]

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