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Archive for March, 2008

I Can’t Think of a Title.

Have you ever noticed how, when people go on vacation to places, they tend to take photos of themselves in front of the thing they went to see? Except, the thing is, the person always puts their back towards the thing. So it almost seems like the photo becomes more important than the act of […]

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Spring Break

Alas, a break from classes! Well, at least until next week. It looks like we’ll be going somewhere tomorrow, however, in typical Body-fashion, we still haven’t determined where. That’s pretty much the excitement of my break thus far. Maybe I’ll end up with some swell photos at least. 🙂

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(I’ve typed that word so many times, and the spelling still makes me think, haha) Most of you probably know I’ve been working at the Renaissance Festival the past few weeks (shooting/sellings bows and arrows). I think the one thing I “love” most about it is the extreme variety of people! Seriously, it ranges from […]

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