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Archive for May, 2008

London II

Okay, just pictures for now (battery is dying!) – let’s see if I can do one sentence captions here… Royal London Tour. Changing of the guard, sort of. Trafalgar Square (ex-home of many pigeons, apparently). From Tate Modern Museum. Covent Garden Street Performers. Westminster Bridge. Big Ben. London Eye. They totally drive on the wrong […]

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Who knew internet would be so difficult to find in London?! Sheesh. Okay, so quick catch up… First day in London, went on a free walking tour of Old London, which was actually really fantastic. They covered all the main sights, and gave history and cool facts about them. Quite possibly one of the few […]

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After some 30 hours of traveling, I finally made it to London this morning! I had a 7 hour layover in Calgary yesterday, during which I left the airport in hopes of finding a coat (as I left mine at home…), which was actually pretty unsuccessful. I had asked the bus driver where whatever stop […]

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To Spontaneity!

I leave for the UK on Saturday! Though, I will not actually arrive in London until Monday morning. Yay for long layovers and airplane rides! [/sarcasm] My plans so far are a little less than concrete… Yellow = Booked. Blue = Not Booked. I have an idea where I want to be each day, so […]

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Lots of “days”

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and Caleb’s Birthday (20!), so it was a “party” day all around. We brought Chinese home for lunch, then hung around for most of the afternoon. Anyway, here are some photos from stuff!

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