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Archive for July, 2008


(fyi, attempting to go down a seriously narrow, seriously long close in flip flops after having coffee – not a good idea.) I really like taking pictures down at my feet, apparently, so that’s today’s amusing topic. To me, it really gives a sense of place and depth, not to mention it pretty effectively communicates […]

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I wonder… is it the more I photograph something the more I become amused with it? Or do I photograph something more because I’m amused with it? No matter – today’s subject of amusement is none other than… street performers! I think really there are three things that fascinates me most about street performances. In […]

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So, I’ve been back from the British Isles for several weeks now… and I’ve pretty much seriously failed at updating since I got back. Nothing overly news-worthy has happened, I s’pose. Until now! Amy, my roommate from UBC, came to visit, and has been staying with me for the past… week or so. Which has […]

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