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Archive for January, 2009

Belfast is:

metropolitan: ecclectic: a seaport: wet: old: alive: cold: [These are the last week’s worth of photos from my Photo a Day project – http://photoblog.azchick.com/ ]

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Alas, I have found a place to live!  Actually, it didn’t take that long.  I s’pose when stashing things in hostels and trying to keep an eye on my abundance of electronics it seemed like longer than it was.  Anyway, it’s a shared flat (with 5 other people, who’ve been helpful as far as finding […]

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I left Arizona late Wednesday night, with a final destination of Belfast.  I had a bit of a layover (~13hours) in NYC, and despite a bit of a luggage setback, I went and explored the city a bit. It was absolutely frigid (I even had 7 layers on!), and snowed for most of the morning […]

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