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Archive for June, 2009


Wow, where has this week gone??  I’ve pretty much not done anything of much substance, and yet time flew.  Weird how that works!  Let’s see… Exciting things that have happened this week. Hmmm. Oh!  I have come to (somewhat of) a conclusion as to further summer plans!  I’m going to try to stay here in […]

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Ahoy! Belfast pretty much gets a handful of awesome points for the weather this past week – beautifulll!  It’s starting to look a bit dreary outside though, so perhaps I speak a bit too soon…. Anywho, this past weekend, I went to a Christian music festival up in Ballymena, called FUEL, which I quite thoroughly […]

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Degrees, planes, and plans.

Ahoy!  Much time has past since my last post, and much news has been made! So, new goal for the summer!  Update at least once a week.  There should be lots of exciting things happening, so I’m definitely looking forward to them!  Until then, I feel a bit of catching up is in order… The […]

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