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Archive for July, 2009

The Catchup | Croatia + Italy

Aside from the unfortunate lack of my mom & Caleb, the last bit of the trip was my favourite.  From London we flew to Pula, which is on the West Coast of Croatia.  We had prebooked our hostel, and they had sent someone to the airport to pick us up, so we felt really important […]

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The Catchup | Scotland + London

After our lovely tour of Ireland, we caught a ferry from Belfast over to Scotland, where our first stop was Edinburgh. Edinburgh is still one of my favourite cities; the various tiers, street performers, and plethora of steps make it seem so fairytale like. Maybe it’s just me, but it also seemed that no matter […]

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The Catchup | Ireland

We started off in Dublin, where American Airlines caused the rest of the family to be a few hours late due to a missed connection in London.  Anyway, I’m not really a fan of Dublin, and we didn’t really spend much time there.  Though I will say the highlight was a pair of street performers […]

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