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Archive for October, 2009

Birthday-esque things.

So, my birthday was last Monday, but didn’t really do much. We had plans to go to Cave Hill and fly kites and take photos and such, but everyone ended up not feeling well, so that didn’t work out. They then proceeded to infect me also with the aforementioned illness, so I was sick all […]

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I have officially been informed that this season is not called Fall, and should henceforth be referred to as “Autumn”.  Though, I still argue that “fall” is more appropriate considering that the season is pretty much recognized by the presence of leaves falling, and it being rainy, and slippy, and hence making people slip and […]

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Things + Derry

No exciting travels to report, just adventures in the every day! I’m still in Belfast! Though, I’ve moved to a different house again, which is super lovely! I’m living in the attic (which is not nearly as dodgy as it sounds!), with some cool people (Sophie + Sarah + Matt), which is pretty awesome!  While […]

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