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Archive for November, 2009


Ah, I have fallen behind again – lack of internet’s fault, not mine!  Haha, anyway, time for a post-Prague update! 🙂 We caught a train from Krakow to Prague, which lasted an excessive 7 hours.  Prague is one of those cities that’s like, so overwhelmingly impressive it doesn’t even really seem real.  Though, with that […]

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Krakow was absolutely lovely! When the plane landed, we were one of the last ones off, and ran to jump into the shuttle buses before they left for the terminal. We awkwardly squeezed in just in time as the doors closed. The engine turned on, the driver hit the gas peddle for maybe 5 seconds, […]

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Stockholm II

Stockholm is absolutely beautiful – if it weren’t for the ridiculous prices, I think I’d love it a lot more, but it’s still pretty awesome.  This was the view from our hotel/boat – it was seriously stunning!  For most of the time the weather wasn’t too bad, fairly mild, but there was always loads of […]

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We arrived in Stockholm yesterday after a series of trains, plains, and automobiles (/cheesy)! Yesterday was a pretty weird day in its entirety, even before leaving Belfast!  We had decided to get up a bit earlier and grab some breakfast on the way.  We got near the bus station and popped into a Spar across […]

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Come Away With Me…

We leave tomorrow for our Central/Eastern/Whatever European travels!  I’m quite excited. We’ll leave bright and early (er, 8, but that’s early enough, ha) for Dublin to catch a plane to Stockholm!  We’re staying at a hostel there that’s actually a boat, so that should be pretty awesome. I’ve been looking up stuff to do in […]

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