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Archive for December, 2009


Christmas holidays at the beach are so underrated – I don’t understand why more people don’t do it!  It’s basically dead here, which is kind of nice not having mass amounts of tourists, just a bit baffling, I s’pose.  Anyway, the beach is lovely as usual, and the weather is perfect.  The condo we’re staying […]

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I’m really excited about having proper burritos back in my life. Oh Chipotle, how I “love” thee! Among other things, of course. I quite enjoyed my reunion with Digby (my car), the “luxury” of having a dryer, a dishwasher, and not having to wear 8 layers to walk outside. 73degrees (23c) in December? I approve. […]

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El Fin.

I am officially back on US soil now, huzzah! We left Belfast at the ridiculously early 6am this morning, and Sarah drove me down to Dublin where I flew out.  One of my bags was apparently 5kg overweight, which resulted in me having to throw away three books (THROW AWAY.  I nearly cried.  Someone should […]

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Tomorrow’s my last day in Belfast.  Aye, it seems like it went by so fast now that it’s here! It’s weird, it’s like, I know I’m leaving, and I know it’s happening soon, but I think you don’t really realize it until it happens.  And then suddenly your in another place and you’re not really […]

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The rain is really loud today.

Nothing terribly overwhelmingly exciting going on, but I figured I’d pop by and say something and perhaps post some rather overdue photos?  I think I’ll go in reverse chronological order.  Indeed. First!  The sweet origami swan the random Japanese lady made us.  Also, the old school-ish camera I bought in Krakow!  I kind of want […]

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