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Archive for January, 2010

Photo-y Goodness

The weather has been quite unexpected here the past week or so.  My dad, Caleb, and I went skiing/snowboarding last week.  We stayed the night before skiing, and they got some 8″ that night alone – which seems crazy, even for Northern AZ.  Anyway, proof (in photo form) of the beautiful diversity of AZ weather […]

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Piano makes me sappy?

Home is weird. Not in a bad way, just in a… weird way. Profound, I know. Last year was crazy (in a good way), and full of random global adventures and new people and kind of scary moments, but in all that it was amazing.  Because of that, even.  It’s kind of hard to go […]

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Deserty (+ Canadian) Things

I quite like the desert. Assuming Arizona qualifies as the desert. I’m not sure how I’d feel about living in like, Death Valley (though, I did once do a report on the massive amount of life that actually survives there), but the East Valley here is quite my perfect habitat, I’d say.  Also, the lighting […]

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Hooray for obvious titles! 🙂 Christmas and New Years have passed since my last post, and both went rather swimmingly!  Christmas was lovely, with a nice dose of unique gifts, loads of delicious food, and family time.  Giftesque highlights include my parents getting themselves a new grill to fix the broken one (we had burgers […]

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