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Archive for January, 2011

When in Roma

Note to self: Must revisit Rome. Due to some Ryanair difficulties of the flight variety, my flight to Rome ended up being cancelled, scoring me another day in Alghero. Which was lovely, but squashed my time in Rome to a mere day. I opted for a self-guided (12 mile) walking tour, so I ended up […]

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I seem to have this problem where, if I see a cheap flight, I have to buy it. I suppose the easy solution to this, would be to not look at flights, but I digress and will henceforth tell you about the lovely Italian adventures that ensued post-spontaneous-flight-booking. I ended up starting off in Alghero, […]

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Hoooome is a lovely place. I’m super grateful I was able to make it home for Christmas again this year, definitely a nice contrast to the crazy frigidity (is that a word?) in Belfast, but also there seems to be this strange sort of… peace at home. I don’t know, hard to explain. But anyway, […]

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