“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.” -Psalm 32:8

One of my favourite moments in the Yukon was one of the nights I walked to the middle of the river, sank into the snow, and just laid there looking at the stars. The brightest stars I’ve ever seen, and they were accompanied by the most silent surreal feeling. It was like a gloriously beautiful visual reminder of the vastness of the world, and how there is nowhere we can go to escape His creation and love therein.

And the universe is massive.

I can be halfway across the world, on a frozen body of water and Jesus is there. I can be at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, or on top of a cliff in Northern Ireland – and He’s there, too. I think sometimes I forget to just… stop. To be still. To relish in those beautiful moments of peace, because they are so incredible. And to fully believe that every situation was divinely designed – we are not forgotten. We just have to listen.

I’m a big fan of the new and different sun mentality. For each day to be an adventure in its own right, to pursue a life that daily glorifies Jesus by indulging in and celebrating with the people and passions He’s given us, and through those to bringing light to a darkened world.

He is everywhere, every day is an adventure with Him. For Him.

But sometimes, that new and different sun is terrifying. When the feeling of control is sucked away, and the human response is to panic. When you think you have it all figured out, but find when push comes to shove… you’re still grasping to hold on to anything.

That’s when the adventure really begins, maybe. Back to that childlike-full-abandon-of-fear kind of faith. Stop grasping and cling to Jesus. Rely on the roots that are firmly planted in His truth.

I think what needs to happen is a shift in thinking – not so much “What if this is the end?”, but rather an enthusiasm for what’s next. What ‘greater things’ and blessings and lessons and joys are hiding around the corner? He’s right next to me, leading the adventure into the unknown.

While it may not always be easy, no adventure with Jesus is boring.

So… what’s next? I’m listening.

(I feel like I’m in this place again. Two years later; I must be a really slow learner.)